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Veda Soothe: Dietary Supplement for Joint Pains

History of Veda Soothe

Dr. Robert Darling, former medical staff in the White House, and an emergency physician have given birth to Veda Soothe. This is considered as his brainchild. Dr. Darling has served the US governments healthcare committee for many years when Al Gore was Vice President and Bill Clinton was President and also gave support to the families in the White House and other officials in the White House. He has vast experience in dealing with medical emergencies and provides support. The medical support given by Dr. Darling was unique and nonpareil. He used to practice medicine and served the Air Force and Marine One. He was also part of US Secret Service.

He had a very strong and keen interest in Ayurvedic medicines and believed in the natural power of healing and improving the wellness. Hence, his interests led him to develop Veda Soothe. He began his journey with Veda Soothe by partnering with the company Clarity Nutrition and created the best-known supplement for joint pains.

Veda Soothe is part of the category dietary supplement. It is available in capsules and one supplement bottle contains about 60 capsules. This supplement should be consumed daily. The main key ingredient is curcumin which is the active ingredient of turmeric. Turmeric is a spice which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it acts as antioxidants. It is mostly used in the Asian continent. People suffering from joint pain have an issue with NF-kB pathways, which lead to pain and swelling. The high content of curcumin in the supplement addresses this problem only and reduces the swelling and inflammation from the joints. The added benefit is the other ingredients and natural components in the supplement that boosts the availability of the curcumin and improves overall effectiveness. The other main components include Boswellia Serrata, black pepper, ginger root, fruit extract and other ingredients that are natural in origin.