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Spiraling into alcoholism without realizing it?

Any alcohol addiction website will tell you that alcohol is part of the global culture today. We live in a world that associates alcohol with events of significance. It could be office parties, college meet-ups or pretty much any social gathering; and there’s nothing wrong with that. Alcohol does loosen people up and make them less self-conscious. Except, how does one know when they are crossing the line? How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Let’s break up the spiral of alcoholism into three stages.


The first stage is always denial. People tend to think of alcoholics as some sort of subterranean beings who cannot be everyday people. Nobody wants to believe they too can turn alcoholic. They keep justifying their alcohol-induced actions as moderate and reasonable until someday something they do has no coming back from.

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This leads to stage 2.


Acceptance constitutes the most critical stage of the spiral, for this is where people begin to realize and accept that something is wrong with them. A lot of interventions from friends and loved ones typically go into getting the person to this stage. From here on, there are two possible paths to take. One that keeps leading the person still deeper into the spiral; and the other that offers hope of a way out.


The final stage of this great ordeal is where the person resolves to take some action to improve their condition. This is where the person needs all the courage and conviction that he can muster, in order to fight his way out of the spiral.

Action is the stage where help from friends and family counts for a lot. A lot of data on ways to overcome alcoholism can be found on any alcohol addiction website.

The right amount of motivation will see the person emerge out of this spiral, victorious, having defeated alcoholism and all the baggage that comes with it.