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Know More About Construction Crane Types & Their Uses

Cranes are very worthful equipments for heavy load hoisting and maneuvering, and are used in many civil and industrial applications. Civil engineering is one field the efficiency of project performance of which cannot be maintained without use of cranes. Construction projects require cranes for hoisting and maneuvering of heavy construction materials and to transport materials from dumping location to point of use to speed up construction process. The construction of skyscrapers wouldnt be feasible without use of high cranes. Modern designs of cranes are efficient performers in construction projects.

Construction crane types

Different construction projects require different types of construction cranes. There are seven main categories of cranes used in construction projects: Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Telescopic Crane, Truck Mounted Crane (also called picker truck or boom truck), Loader Crane or Folding Boom Crane, and Rough Terrain Crane. The specific crane type has a distinct design and appropriateness for a specific application. You can check this out on some construction crane website.

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Applicability of different construction crane type

Lets discuss little details about every construction crane type. Overhead crane is a suspended type usually used in a factory setting. The biggest models of this type, Goliath crane, is apt for outdoor manufacturing plants and shipyards. Mobile crane is a versatile model of hydraulic crane having a telescopic boom on a mobile platform which can be mover, raised and lowered. Tower crane is fixed and best for construction of tall buildings. Telescopic cranes have hydraulic increase potential of boom length to reach a big height. Truck mounted cranes are truck-loaded and their versatility is in mobility and reach. Loader cranes are compactable cranes with drastic loading capacity. Rough terrain cranes are specifically designed for construction, highway and infrastructure projects. You can check this out on some construction crane website and know more details about their structural design and applicability for various construction projects.