Steps Involved in MAVNI Program to Recruit Legal Non-Immigrants for U.S. Military

About MAVNI:

The MAVNI (Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest) is a popular program which is offered by the U.S military to the legal non-immigrants who stay in the United States for a minimum duration of 2 years with no more than 90 days of continuous break outside the country. The MAVNI program is aimed at recruiting the legal non-citizens of the U.S for various positions in the army.

Steps Involves in MAVNI Program:

The following briefly describes the various steps involved in the process of MAVNI program.

  • The first step in the MAVNI program is that the individuals should verify if they satisfy the requirement stated by the program to be eligible to apply for the various positions through the program. The general requirements states that the individuals should belong to certain legal non-immigrant categories or any of the other accepted and approved type of individual. In addition, the individuals should satisfy the minimum and maximum age requirements and should meet the education qualification requirement of the program.



  • Once the individual is found to satisfy the general requirements of the program, they can contact the local recruiter to get started with the process.
  • In the third step, the applicant should pass various qualifying tests which test the knowledge of the applicant in various fields. The common test conducted in this stage includes ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and TAPAS (Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System).
  • On successful completion of the tests, the applicant will go through the physical exam where various attributes and tests will be conducted to check the physical fitness of the applicants.
  • The next step in the MAVNI program is the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), where the applicant will be tested for their proficiency in their native language. They are expected to pass the interview with a minimum rating of 2.
  • When the participant qualifies in all the previous steps, he will then be eligible to sign the contract with U.S military for the job profile.


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Enhance chance to win lotto game by giving Lotto profits reviews

If you want to win the lottery or betting game over and over game then you can use the incredible best software. Surely you will be truly impressed by using the software which helps in making you millionaire and billionaire. You can use the software easily and also try the secret strategies to win the game. You can use the software that input all the data into the algorithm against the other variable. It is highly in demand and become the first choice to win the lotto games. With the help of lotto profits reviews you will get to know about the betting program deeply and likes to play the game for sure.

Probability of custom algorithm after watching Lotto profits reviews

Lotto software is the ultimate option to become the king of the game. You can use the software and also apply the best strategies to beat the opponent with your unique variable. This software format is very useful in putting the data into custom algorithm and check against the other thousands of variables. You can simply update the software and get the best tips to win the game. You can invest desirable money to get the best result. Moreover you can play the game as 5 days trial period to make sure. Surely you can give lotto profits reviews after winning the game and become a hope for the people.

Watch the Lotto profits reviews

The software updates every week and you have to pay only for once in a month to use the software. Moreover to play the lotto game you can do the 5 days trial period of game. You just need to invest the money and get the best logical tips to win the game. Once you deeply understand the strategies and formula you will surely win the game and you must participate in the lotto game and watch the lotto profits reviews of the people who win the game.


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Can someone be beneficial from seaweed extract, Carrageenan?

Carrageenan, a seaweed extract and it is an additive for many food items to emulsifier them. It is actually the Irish moss, which is also known as red seaweed;ChondrusCrispus has no primary nutritional benefit. If someone mixes this extract into the food item, then the problem of looseness of food because of moisture is sorted out without a headache.

Suppose you food item like flour contains too much water then you won’t be able to mix it properly. In the same way, this constituent is used in cheese, ice cream to make them thickener.

Everyone wants to promote their overall health by the intake of good and safe food items. So, when you shop products from the market, you should be aware of its constituents to avoid any mishaps or side-effects because of its consumption. You should know the quantity ofconstituents in purchased food items to avoid any unhealthy situations after eating such food. You can find several eating guides where it is clearly mentionedthequantity of ingredients to determine the effective of the same.




More about carrageenan

Considering the case of carrageenan, it is safe only if you mix this additive at its least level just to change the texture. Several online guidesare available that teach how to make dough, ice cream, cheese, chocolate and other products. So, you should go through the information part to increase your knowledge and avoid the intake of any unsafe item.

Final Words

Doctors and medical experts often recommend for eating home-made food items. But youknow that it is not possible when you are out of station either for a business meeting or tour. So, if you have the knowledge regarding the constituents, you can avoid any unhealthy productwithout making any mistakes. The best thing is that you are sure about your family and self-health conditions while shopping any food item.


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3 Questions to Ask Your Chico Roofing Contractor

Before you hire your Chico roofing contractor, there are some questions that you should ask them. These questions apply to all kinds of roofing jobs, whether it involves a replacement of the shingles or the installation of a new cool roof. Let’s take a look at the questions every Chico homeowner must ask their roofer.

redding roofing company

Questions to ask your Chico roofing contractor


  1. Do you have a license?


The ideal response to the question is that the roofer has a license at least in California, if not in most states. It’s a good idea to research the California building code for the rules on licenses for roofers. California requires roofers to be licensed in the state. Make sure to only work with those roofers who have a California license. This will give you a legal route to follow if something goes wrong. Also, make sure that the roofer’s license is current.


  1. Do you have general liability insurance?


Your roofer should have general liability insurance in addition to workers’ compensation. The latter covers the workers on your property, while the former covers your home. If the contractor accidentally sets fire to your home while welding, his company’s general liability insurance will cover the costs of repair. If not, you’ll have to bear the costs. Make sure that you see their insurance certificate before you hire them.


  1. Do you have worker’s comp insurance?


Your roofer should also have workers’ comp. Many companies avoid buying it, since it isn’t cheap. But  you don’t want to work with roofers that don’t have workers’ comp. If they suffer an accident on your property and get injured, you may find yourself paying thousands of dollars in medical bills. Ask to see the workers’ comp insurance certificate as well.


Also, make sure that the roofer removes your old roof before starting new work, and also install edge metal during a new roof installation. Asking these questions at the outset will save you tons of trouble during the job and when the work is complete.



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Reasons to choose the right paddle board

For the majority of people, one rental SUP session is sufficient to get full enjoyment. There are many reasons to choose the right paddle board for example,having a great exercise, exploring the nature, calming flow of the water and so on. The sport has developed considerably throughout the world and beyond plus there are many great reasons for it. Taking paddle board on rent is good to find out whether or not you like this activity. But, as soon as you persuade yourself that you actually want to continue it, buying your personal is the next step.


choose the right paddle board

Get Relaxation

If you’re not a racing type person, then you can surely utilize your paddling board as a great means to get some quality time with yourself. Going out on the water with your board, is an amazing way to relax after a busy schedule at office. You can also practice yoga on your SUP board to take it to the other level.There are several cities that conduct SUP Yoga lessons and the same is developing fast.Just imagine how wonderful it would be doing your different yoga poses on the boards and out in the water.

Great option for exercise

The best thing regarding paddling is that you are going to have an exercise without even knowing it.You need to paddle as stiff as you can and actually feel it and you’re yet working on your core strength and balance.Having good surroundings always aids a good exercise, when there are striking things to see, your exercise routine goes faster. So, go and choose the right paddle board to improve your upper body strength, and getting Balance training as well as core strength. You will get all these things by doing paddle boarding. So don’t wait for more and get your brand new paddle board.



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Running fred and benefits as a whole

Running Fred is one exciting online flash game which seems to have several benefits for individuals. It helps them improve their manual deftness, their spatial skills and also increases concentration levels. In general, studies have shown that games teach our brains to filter out disruptions or distractions and to increase one’s focusing ability. Hence, Running Fred can benefit the skills of several individuals.

Benefits to the society as a whole –

Though this game is free, it still does its part in generating income for the society. This game has lots of characters, skills and powers. To get all this the players need a large quantity of coins. To be able to unlock new levels also coins are needed. Very skilled players manage to get coins to a certain extent. But after a while, it does get quite difficult to get even a few coins. So, many of the players might opt for buying coins. This in turn benefits the electronic industry and thus the society too.

Running Fred

Disadvantages to the society or to individuals –

Running Fred is a very entertaining game which gives players a lot of excitement and fun. Frankly speaking there is no obvious or physical harm to the society or to individuals. But one negative point behind this game is the violence and bloody nature. It is possible to create some negative thoughts in people. It is definitely not suitable for kids. In fact some might find it disgusting and revolting.

Whatever said and done Running Fred is a creative game which is quite different from other games. Players usually play it only for the sake of fun. Nobody really plays games for the benefits that they carry. It is just pure fun and entertainment that tempts a player. Thus games cannot be termed as good or bad; however, they are excellent educational tools.


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Top 5 best working skills to succeed in business

Marketing has changed so much in the last decade. There are lots of competition can be seen. It is the dream of every businessman to earn profit and lead in the business industry.  Many people are applying their own skill and strategies to develop their business. It has become important to adapt important skills to leading in the industry. If you want to achieve the success in business then you must walk in the depth of commercial industry and come up with great outcome.

Here are the top 5 important skills to succeed in business

  1. Know about marketing strategies

Observe everything what is going on around your location. It is very important to know your market and what strategies should be applied to achieve success. The success of marketing is depending on the ability to understand the target of market. Interacting with the customers face to face helps in creating the strong relation and they like to visit to your store.

  1. Walk in Digital industry

In the technical era, it is important to visit in digital industry. Internet is the most lucrative destination where you can grab your customers and clients to your store. You can boost your business to the global level with the help of internet. You can get the best opportunity to take your business to the height of peak by using SEO tools. It takes your brand to the high rank in the search engine and your business become more popular.

  1. Survey about the products

As you have seen, many businessman face failure when they assume the things without testing. But never make mistake like them. It is very important to test about the products before assuming. By selling the original and reliable products create strong bonding in the market industry and you can achieve more success in the business.

  1. Know customers need

Create a biggest and positive effect on the customers that they only frequently visit to your store only. You must know about the customer needs and provide them the accurate items.

  1. Manage work skillfully

To achieve success in the business, you should apply the tact about receiving and selling the products on perfect schedule. Providing the desirable products to the clients on perfect time helps in managing the schedule and it create a strong grip in the market industry.

These are the best working and skillful tricks to succeed in the business, No matter what kind of business is, if you apply these skills you will definitely achieve the success in your business.




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Strong will important things to learn from last failure in order to succeed in business

Becoming a pessimist after facing the failure in business is not the solution. As we have seen we face lots of failure in business but it does not mean our destination has come to an end. If you are facing failure in business then never give in. Become optimist and attain the level of success by empowering yourself again. You must learn to deal with failure in order to succeed in business. Now you have the best opportunity to show yourself and achieve the success in your business and leading the business industry.

Simply learn best lesson from failure and achieve success with the following methods 

  • Never assume the failure to complete defeat: It is okay if you have failed in business but is does not mean you can assume your failure as complete defeat. Further you have the biggest opportunity to become a better version of yourself and achieve the goal in the business.
  • Focus on you: As you have seen between the games of ego and compassionate we face the failure in business. Rather than keeping focus on goal and own self, you become compassionate and care about others. It is not the right things you do, but you should keep focus on goal only and take your business to the height of peak without caring about other what they think or do.
  • Improve perspective on finance: Many people find shortcut to gain more profit. But it leads them to failure. They spend valuable money on unworthy things and loss the money which become the main cause of give in to the business. It is better to respect money and spend it only on the worthy things that bring more profitable level.
  • Not the end of road: Usually people face loss and profit in the business. But achieving loss again and again in the business does not mean you can never achieve the profit too. Becoming optimist is the best secret to attain the success. If you become an optimist in the pessimist time you can learn a lot from it and you will able to start up your business with a new and outstanding level. It is beginning of the road and you can easily reach to destination by refining your priorities in the business industry.

Ultimately, never give in and prepare yourself to show your real talent and achieve the level of success. You can rebuild an empire with your strong will and you can learn from your last failure to become a better version of yourself.







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